Ego.360 Instagram Facebook Spotify Emiliano Gomez, also known as Ego.360, has been making waves in the global music industry for several years now. He is known for his pioneering work in the electronic cumbia scene, a genre that he has helped to shape and expand over the years. His project, El Hijo de la Cumbia, […]

Super Muñeca

Super Muñeca Instagram Facebook Spotify Link   Super Muñeca is the music project of Lora Grigorova, a Bulgarian/Portuguese producer and DJ who is currently based in Malmö, Sweden. Her unique style is a blend of electronic and urban music, infused with rhythms from different cultures.  Super Muñeca has a penchant for the unconventional, preferring music […]


Tropikhongo Spotify Soundcloud Adrian Lopardo is an Argentine DJ and producer originally from the suburbs of Buenos Aires. He goes by the stage name Tropikhongo, and his project combines tropical and dark sounds with psychedelic rhythms, using cumbia cadence as a foundation to experiment with different genres. Over the years, he has produced, collaborated with, […]

DJ Pucho Mastermix

DJ Pucho Mastermix Instagram Facebook Youtube Spotify Link Dj Pucho Mastermix, a skilled DJ and music producer from Buenos Aires, has gained recognition for his dedication and passion for cumbia. He started his career in 2007 by experimenting with remixes of Mexican and Colombian cumbias, a genre close to his heart. Known for his ability […]

El Hijo de la Cumbia

El Hijo de la Cumbia Instagram Spotify Link El Hijo de la Cumbia is the pioneering project of electronic cumbia created by Argentinian music producer Emiliano Gomez aka Ego.360. After decades of research and exploration, he has developed an innovative sound that blends elements of reggae, dub and hip hop with traditional cumbia music. This […]