El Hijo de la Cumbia

El Hijo de la Cumbia is the pioneering project of electronic cumbia created by Argentinian music producer Emiliano Gomez aka Ego.360. After decades of research and exploration, he has developed an innovative sound that blends elements of reggae, dub and hip hop with traditional cumbia music. This captivating new sound has been embraced by audiences all over the world, and El Hijo de la Cumbia has performed in festivals and concerts around the globe in countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, among others.

Currently based in Sweden, El Hijo de la Cumbia continues to evolve and explore new musical directions. The project’s sound is an ever-changing mix of old and new, blending traditional cumbia beats with a variety of electronic elements and modern production techniques.

With its live shows and DJ sets, El Hijo de la Cumbia is promoting Latin American culture around the world, celebrating plurality and diversity.

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